Monday, April 20, 2009

Message for Speaker Pelosi

This is a short video by Kellen Guida, a 25-year-old laid-off architect who pretty much organized & fundraised the NYC Tea Party on April 15, which by official NYPD and city count, was attended by 12,500 protesters.

Judd & I participated in the protest. We saw people of all colors & races in attendance, many Democrats & Libertarians, religious righters, the not-so-religious, all united with one common goal: to stop providing unregulated bailout money to mega-corporations, to stop wild government spending in a time when our country cannot afford it, and to stop generating debt that will imprison future generations of Americans & take decades to pay off. Not one elected official spoke; women, African-Americans, & Asians comprised over 1/2 the speakers; and little to no anti-Obama rhetoric took place. It was truly a bi-partisan gathering of like-minded people who knew that true revolution starts at the grassroots level, with individuals gathering collectively for a cause they believe in: NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

Speaker Pelosi (along with most of the left & mainstream media) called the tea party movement "astroturf" (a slam at the term "grassroots") & claimed all of the gatherings were funded by big business & right-wing extremist groups. Kellen Guida & about 5 individuals planned, raised the funds for, obtained permits & speakers, all for the gathering in downtown NYC where we all lifted our voices as one, chanting USA! USA! USA! and We Are America!!!

Please forward this very short video to everyone you know. And take a look around the website. Kellen is a conservative young man with a big heart and a vision of conservatism for the future.

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